Lava Shells Relax Massage

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I tried a new treatment with Anita yesterday. The Lava Shells Kokolokahi full body face and scalp massage 90 minutes of pure bliss. The treatment starts with choosing one of the 5 kokolokahi oils which are Fire, Air, Earth, Water or Spirit. I was drawn to Fire which is strength. Anita told me this one is used to enhance well being. Once you have chosen your oil the wonderful treatment begins. The mix of massage with the lava shells is just perfect for total relaxation and as always came away feeling totally rejuvenated. When I have my next Lava Shells Kokolokahi treatment It will be interesting to see if I’m drawn to one of the other oils, after all there are 5 to choose from…lucky me that means at least five more visits to Anita. Thank you Anita for another fantastic experience.

Kathy – Shipston On Stour


I had a course of 6 Lava Shell treatments to help relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. For the first couple of weeks I didn’t notice a huge difference but after that I found I’d go 2-3 days without pain until at 6 weeks I was still pain free 2 weeks later. The deep penetrating heat on the muscles is incredibly soothing and the massage is much gentler working on warm muscles. After years of pain Anita and her wonderful skills has made an enormous difference to my life. Thank you.

Anonymous Client


Wow the Lava Shells were so nice, I feel really relaxed thank you!

Grace – Clean Bandit –


WOW – Just had my 1st @lavahells experience with @Tranquil1Beauty @PamperCouture #converted #suahour I feel goooood thanks to these little belters! @Tranquil1Beauty @lavashells @pampercouture

Geoff Atkinson – Senior Accounts Manager at 102 Touchfm


Thank you @LavaShells @tranquil1beauty for the much needed massage! Best I’ve had!! @canfieldjoy I really needed it more than ever!

Lizze Cundy – TV presenter


I thoroughly enjoyed the Lava Shell massage. It was really lovely thankyou! I nearly fell asleep and my headache has gone!

Journalist – The Sunday Express